Valorant Developer Hints At Minor Cypher Buff In Future Update

cypher valorant

Over the past few patches, the effectiveness of Cypher in Valorant has been reduced to a considerable extent. The change that affected the agent in a strongly negative way was the change to his tripwire and camera in patch 1.11 of the competitive shooter. Currently, once Cypher dies, his tripwire and camera no longer continue to work.

Recently, it was pointed out by a lot of Valorant players in the subreddit that Cypher’s tripwire was becoming a massive victim to friendly-firing.

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For instance, Raze’s grenade and blast packs would detonate Cypher’s tripwire in a single blast, causing problems for Cypher players who have been resorting to Reddit to raise their voices regarding the situation.

Replying to one such post on the Valorant subreddit, Valorant Game Designer ‘rycoux’ assured fans that the team will look into the issue. “I remember looking into this and wonder if it’s just better if ally Raze nades didn’t explode Cypher traps,” the Valorant dev said. “Sorry this slipped my plate I hope to investigate this next week.”

While it’s still unclear on when will the Cypher buff arrive to the shooter, there’s a high chance of this problem being fixed in the next couple of patches.

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