Top 5 Valorant Skins of 2020

Here are the weapon skins that we think, are the best among all the skins released this year

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From the Elderflame collection to the recent BlastX series, Valorant players have seen their fair share of gorgeous weapon skins in 2020. Unlike most other competitive shooter titles, Valorant weapon skins are equipped with a bunch of audio-visual effects alongside some special kill animations that make them unique.

While pointing out the best Valorant skins from the plethora of cosmetics available for purchase in-game can certainly be tough, we have managed to list what we think, are the top 5 Valorant skins of 2020.

Top 5 Valorant Skins

5) Prime Vandal

Released alongside the official launch of Valorant on June 2nd, the Prime collection is undoubtedly one of the best skin collections currently available for purchase in-game. Equipped with futuristic bullet sounds, a unique reload animation, and an iconic kill animation, Prime Vandal is certainly the best Vandal skin in-game.

4) Singularity Phantom

The looks and overall designs of the Singularity Phantom were enough to land it on this list of top 5 Valorant skins. Add with that one of the best kill animations in the game, and Singularity Phantom should be a no-brainer for anyone looking to purchase a Phantom skin.

3) Reaver Sheriff

Alongside the popular rifles, many players also prefer to own a weapon skin for the Sheriff due to its ability to finish off armored opponents with a single headshot. The Reaver collection was initially introduced during the closed beta and was taken off the store shortly afterward.

It was revamped and re-introduced to the in-game store last month. The color schemes, sharp edges, sound effects, and the kill animation were enough for the Reaver Sheriff to make it to this list.

2) Elderflame Operator

To this date, the Elderflame collection remains the priciest skin collection to be released in Valorant. Coming at a pocket pinch of a whopping $100, Riot made sure to compensate for the heavy price tag with some amazing effects for each skin. The reload animation of the Elderflame collection is also considered to be the best in the game by many Valorant players. From the equip animation to a gorgeous finisher, there’s nothing about the Elderflame Operator that’ll fail to dazzle you.

1) Winter Wunderland Melee

While the customizable Winter Wunderland Melee Candy Cane is a neat skin in itself. It has attained the #1 spot in the list for a different reason. Shortly after the Winter Wunderland collection was released, it was found by the Valorant player base that the melee Candy Cane could be ‘broken’ into a knife in-game. This unique feature could be triggered by repeatedly hitting the walls in-game till the cane transformed into a knife.