Addison Rae blasted by fans after playing Among Us with Corpse, Pokimane & more

addison rae

TikTok star Addison Rae was invited for a game of Among Us with Corpse Husband, Pokimane, James Charles, and many other top content creators, as opposed to the community’s wishes and ended up getting blasted across Twitch chats and Twitter.

Many were happy with the inclusion of Addison Rae but they were covered under thousands of fans who were disgusted by her presence.

The twitch chats of most streamers were filled with negative comments surrounding her and her taking Sykkuno’s place added fuel to the fire, thus making her stay in the game awful.

The backlash continued even after the game had ended, which forced other streamers to switch their chats to emote the only mode to prevent the spread of any hate speech.

Even with the players enjoying the company of Addison, the community did let her off the hook easily. Many fans claimed to have logged off the stream once they found out she was one player joining that night.

Given the toxicity, it begs the question if she will be included in any collaboration streams in the future. She might be reluctant to join future streams with the backlash she is getting from the community at the moment.

Many fans supported her but were overwhelmed by the sheer number of haters spreading toxicity. This is not the first time she was subjected to hate speech/ backlash so it’s high time she introspects to rectify the mistakes she made in the past before her hard-earned fame washes away and all effort goes in vain.