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The first three winners of FaZe5 recruitment challenge announced

FaZe Clan’s Faze5 recruitment challenge brought unprecedented hype to the community as for the first time an esports organization of that stature was conducting a recruitment challenge open to all. The best part being this was not limited to just big shot gamers but lesser-known content creators are also welcome to try their luck.

On December 27, Faxuty was welcomed into FaZe Clan after he came first in the recruitment challenge. He didn’t make it this far out of thin air rather by streaming religiously on Twitch that earned him near about 50000 subs with a Twitch partnership and maintains a healthy YouTube channel which isn’t as active as his Twitch.

Who Won Faze5?: FaZe5 Challenge Winners

Second FaZe5 winner announced: Virus

Faxuty was followed by Virus. The announcement came on December 28, as FaZe Clan welcomed their representative from Middle East in Virus. He is a partnered streamer on Twitch with 148000 followers and over 33000 subs on YouTube. Virus’s content is focused around Call of Duty and more importantly Warzone. With his signing FaZe go back to their roots as COD was the launching pad for everything they are today.

Third FaZe5 winner announced: Flea

The third recruitment being Flea, a Fortnite content creator like Faxuty and boasts over 1.66 million subscribers, highest among the final 20. Hailing from Australia, he will be most well known among recruits with nearly 280,000 followers on Twitter. With this FaZe Clan signs yet another star content creator.

Remaining FaZe5 top-20 finalists

  • Proze – 22 years old
  • HunterTV – 20
  • Conrady – 20
  • Zenon – 9
  • Lough – 14
  • Zogoro – 22
  • Cannaestia – 35
  • K1ng – 14
  • Montoya Twinz – 20
  • Scope – 21
  • RowdyRogan – 6
  • NioRooch – 20
  • Grant the Goat – 17
  • Milliam – 15
  • Stevie – 19
  • Cufboys – 22
  • Absorber – 17

With only two places left, FaZe must bid farewell to 15 of these amazing talents.

Other than landing yourself a spot in FaZe Clan, the winner of the challenge gets a Nissan Kicks SUV with an additional $20000 signing bonus followed by a G FUEL endorsement contract lasting for 3-6 months.

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