New CSGO Updates Brings Dreams and Nightmares Case

csgo art contest

Valve shipped a new update for CSGO this morning, announcing the release of the Dreams and Nightmares case. The Dreams and Nightmares case consists of skins made by users from around the world, which were entered into a contest and then chosen by Valve. There are a total of 17 new skins in the case, two of Covert rarity, 3 classified, 5 Restricted, and 7 Military Spec rarity. 

The contest was announced back in July 2021, with a prize pool of $1 Million USD and was originally supposed to have 10 skins. Each winning creator would get $100,000 USD if their skins were selected and put into the case.

The winners of Dreams and Nightmares contest were announced in November 2021, and Valve revealed that a total of 17 Skins had been selected from over 15,000 entries. That increased the prize pool of Dreams and Nightmares Case to $1.7 Million USD, with each winner getting $100,000 for their skin, regardless of the rarity. This was done as a way to increase community engagement and bring new users and creators to the game.


Dreams and Nightmares case has 17 skins in total, 2 of Covert rarity, 3 classified, 5 Restricted, and 7 Military Spec rarity. The case also contains Knives with Gamma finishes as special items, same as the Operation Riptide Case knives.

More about the new update can be found here in the release notes. Dreams and Nightmares Case is now available in CSGO from in-game drops and from Steam Community Market.