New CSGO Dreams And Nightmares Case Skins Revealed – Here are the Winning Entries

The first million-dollar art contest of CSGO has come to an end, and the winning entries of the ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ contest have been revealed by Valve today.

The contest received an overwhelming amount of response from the CSGO community, and as a result the number of winners were increased to 17. 

“The CS:GO team reviewed the amazing work from artists and teams from all parts of the globe, and decided that ten winners wouldn’t be enough,” Valve stated in a blog post. “So, an additional seven winning submissions were selected (17 winning entries total) for a grand total prize pool of $1.7 million.”

Valve has also confirmed that 14 out of the 24 participating artists were first-time contributors to the Steam workshop. This speaks volumes regarding the increasing popularity of CSGO and community creations involving the shooter across the globe. 

CSGO Dreams and Nightmares Case

The winning entries in the contest will be introduced to CSGO through the highly anticipated ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ case, the release date of which is still uncertain. 

Here are all the winning entries of the Dreams and Nightmares contest. Expect to see these amazing skins being added to CSGO in the near future.