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New CSGO Update Fixes Game Breaking Exploit on Engage

The update also includes several changes to the new map ‘Guard’.

A new update has been shipped to CSGO today, and it aims to fix the game-breaking exploit on Engage along with some other miscellaneous changes.

The exploit on Engage, as we had reported earlier, could be executed by three or more terrorists to instantly crash their CSGO clients. When playing on the T-side of Engage, if three players simultaneously used the new ‘Ping’ function on the rotating car near the T-spawn, the CSGO client instantly crashes for all of the players involved.

When managed to execute properly, players would see their game freezing for a couple of seconds before eventually showing an error message that the application had stopped responding.

The December 7th CSGO update has finally fixed this exploit after repeated complaints from fans.

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Other than this, the new CSGO update contains some other small fixes and several changes to the newly introduced map ‘Guard’.

Here are the detailed patch notes of today’s update as exactly mentioned in the official CSGO blog:

CSGO Update Patch Notes:

[ MISC ]
– Fixed a crash related to pinging rotating car model in Engage.
– Fixed Operation Shop buttons to appear correctly on OSX and Linux.
– Fixed a rare bug when several Broken Fang Premier game settings could get applied in regular Competitive matches.
– Added background movie fallbacks.

[ MAPS ]

– Blocked off construction corner.
– Added new cover for players entering the site from connector.
– Pulled drop a little closer to site.
– Shifted all covers on site to adjust angles towards bridge and archway.
– Slightly shifted connector between back alley and site.
– Partially restricted sightline between connector and pit.
– Decreased depth of restaurant corner.
– Decreased depth of VOOLT corner.
– Mitigated head peek close at stairs tunnel.
– Slightly mitigated head peek behind dumpster.
– Added minor visual details.
– Various texture updates.
– Dehexagonized beer bottles.
– Removed collision on window planters (Thanks Bubza101).
– Fixed missing faces on beer crates.
– Fixed a pixel gap on street (Thanks u/iBearably).
– Fixed grammatical errors on street signs (Thanks Sysel).

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