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inothernewsNew Game Breaking Glitch Found In The New CSGO...

New Game Breaking Glitch Found In The New CSGO Update

This newly discovered glitch instantly crashes the game when executed properly by three players.


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It has only been a few days since the newest CSGO operation has arrived, and players have already managed to find out some game-breaking glitches that crash the game instantly in the new update.

Operation Broken Fang has brought a number of new maps to the competitive shooter, some of which have been added to the Scrimmage map pool in competitive.

Community-created map ‘Engage’ is one such map that has been added to the game in the latest update, but several players are reporting a game-breaking glitch that can instantly crash the CSGO client for everyone involved.

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We don’t recommend you to replicate this glitch since it can put your team at a strong disadvantage. But in case you decide to try it, you’ll need a minimum of two other players with you.

When playing on the T-side of Engage, if three players simultaneously use the new ‘Ping’ function on the rotating car near the T-spawn, the CSGO client instantly crashes for all of the players involved.

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If you manage to execute it properly, you’ll see your game freezing for a couple of seconds, before eventually showing an error message that the application has stopped responding.

We’re not sure how exactly does this glitch work, but it’s best to avoid pinging the rotating car till Valve comes up with a fix for this nasty bug.

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