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Deceased CSGO YouTuber McSkillet’s logo spotted in new map in Operation Broken Fang

Is Valve paying a tribute to CSGO YouTuber McSkillet?


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s new Operation Broken Fang has plenty of well-hidden Easter eggs, but an underlying detail in map Engage is hard to miss. It seems that Valve might be paying tribute to CS:GO streamer Trevor’ McSkillet’ Heitmann who was killed in a car crash in 2018. 

Operation Broken Fang comes with six new maps, some with warm jungle-esque and some with cold winter tones. However, one of the maps may have some darker tones to it. 

The bomb defusal map Engage set in a German car factory is laden with shiny, heavy-duty cars. Seemingly, it’s like any other map, but the company logo of this German factory called “Mass Cars” is a carbon copy of deceased YouTuber McSkillet’s logo. 

McSkillet’s Logo
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The logo is adorned on the grille of all the cars in Mass Cars factory. While the symbol detail might be tricky to spot, Valve didn’t shy away from plastering humungous M on the walls of Engage. Multiple cars with Trevor’s logo can be spotted across the map including T-base, A Lower, and B-Site.

CSGO map Engage

McSkillet’s Tragic death in 2018

McSkillet was a famous CSGO YouTuber who garnered 840,000 subscribers on his channel by uploading content related to CSGO paraphernalia trading. He was vocal about his income and mentioned at several instances that he’s making a good amount of money solely from CSGO. According to the streamer himself, his car 2014 Mercedes-Benz McLaren 650S was also a fruit of his CSGO trading business; a car that later drove him to a painful death. 


It was a multi-car collision that resulted in the death of a 43-year-old Aileen Pizarro and 12-year-old Aryana Pizarro. The death of the mother and daughter also led the families of deceased to sue Trevor, one year after the accident

Safe to say, the incident was tragic and spine-chilling for the entire community. The friends of Trevor later reported that he was depressed due to trade ban rendered by Valve two months before the death as his inability to trade could have cost him $100,000.

The Mass Cars logo could be nothing, but a pure coincidence. However, the design is so on par that it is hard to overlook. The fact that it’s a car factory makes it even more dark and dreary. This could be Valve’s way of paying tribute to the streamer, despite the fact that the developer banned him a few months before his death. 

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