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Best Five CS:GO bugs that can help you win

Here are some bugs in CS:GO that can be game-breaking.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community is a massive online gaming subculture. And every day, those who follow it discover fresh and innovative approaches to improve themselves. 

Some of these ways aren’t legal or implemented by developers. However, it is clear that you should not make use of them.

  • Smoke + Particles Bug

Grenade smoke interacts with particles in a strange way; it’s a feature of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. First, let me give you a quick overview of the point I’m making. If there’s an enemy behind smoke and particles behind him, you’ll see his silhouette.

Confusing, right? An adversary is behind the smoke, and a Molotov is behind the enemy. As a direct consequence of this, you may make out the adversary’s outline.  It could be Inferno’s fountain or Dust 2’s dust puffs. This method can be used practically any place; smoke in front of the enemy and another particle source behind them are required.

  • One-way Smoke

One-way smokes are a classic CS:GO tactic. Experienced players know where to hurl grenades for good “one-ways.” Considering CS:GO is a competitive shooter, it’s a controversial mechanic. In addition to the basic level, this technique also features an advanced level. It was demonstrated by m0nesy on Mirage.

This advanced one-sided smoke blocks the enemy’s view but not the player’s. PGL, the tournament operator, allowed a huge flaw. If you don’t mind destroying your karma, you can use it for normal matchmaking.

This requires a console. Tilde (~) opens it. If the console won’t open, check the settings. Open the console and type some characters. Then, drag the text to the sight. After closing the console, the transferred text’s outline should remain on the screen. To remove, or reverse the instructions.

  • Molotovs

The Molotov cocktail is a two-second incendiary grenade. If the nade is able to make it to the ground within this time, it will burst into a pool of flame; if it is unable to do so, it will explode in the air with a less impressive visual effect. After landing, it flares and dissipates.

It will continue to go through the air until it collides with something. This interaction lets you throw Molotov cocktails across the map. Using this bug takes planning.

  • Floating Smoke

Another Skybox-related Molotov bug. Incendiary grenades can also burn vegetation. If Molotov land in a smoke cloud or a smoke bomb flies onto a fire, the flame will fade. This requires specific requirements, but they’re now irrelevant.

The glitch that occurs when a smoke grenade hits a player amid an incendiary grenade’s fire is crucial. The smoke grenade in this scenario opens on the model, not the floor. With an ally, incendiary, and smoke grenades, you may create hanging puffs of smoke anywhere on the map.

Ten years after the game’s debut, several glitches can provide you an advantage. They’re best avoided. It puts an end to all of the excitement that comes from straightforward competition. Why play otherwise?

Bharat Kotwani
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