Gambit Overrun FURIA To Qualify for PGL Major Semi Finals

Gambit esports survive an early scare from FURIA to make it to the Semi Finals of the PGL Major. They beat the Brazilians 19-16 and 16-10 to win the series 2-0, and cement their top 4 spot. A lot of people doubted Gambit, and they were often given the ‘onliner’ tag but they have shut down each and every critic of theirs, in their run at the Major with incredible showings throughout. 

FURIA, will go out in 5-8th position after this loss but their run at the Legends Stage has been nothing short of commendable. Playing with ‘drop’ who they added just 2 months ago and who has only played 2 tournaments before the Major, no one expected FURIA to do this good but they shone through the setbacks and made it to the top 8.


1. FURIA removed Dust2

2. Gambit removed Nuke

3. FURIA picked Inferno

4. Gambit picked Overpass

5. Gambit removed Ancient

6. FURIA removed Vertigo

7. Mirage was left over

MAP 1 : Gambit 19-17 FURIA

FURIA chose to go with their reliable pick of Inferno but their T side was passable to say the least. Their aggression and unpredictable gameplay with PP-Bizons and P90s was handled by Gambit with not too much trouble, but they still managed to post 6 rounds.

FURIA’s CT side looked shabby as well, as their aggression was again met by patience from Gambit and they were almost always at a man advantage. ‘arT’s smoke pushes were no good either as gambit raced to 15 rounds, and had 4 map points to close it out.

But FURIA turned the tide there with the old guard of ‘KSCERATO’ and ‘yuurih’ locking down the A bombsite for them as FURIA mounted a comeback to take it to overtime.

FURIA looked flawless on the first 2 rounds of OT and were almost on the verge of winning a 3rd but a brillian 3v5, led by IGL ‘nafany’ gave Gambit a much needed round on the T side.

Once the sides switched, FURIA fell flat again and Gambit took all the 3 rounds needed to win the map 19-17.

MAP 2 : Gambit 16-10 FURIA

Gambit have never lost on Overpass in the last 3 months and that is a statement in itself, and today was no different. Gambit got off to a good start after a lost pistol and put up 5 on the trot. It was then FURIA’s turn to stack up rounds as they came up with 4 of their own. They didnt let Gambit run away with it and thanks to a 1v2 clutch from ‘yuurih’ they ended with a 7-8 score at half time.

After winning the force buy FURIA were hyped as ever but it didnt last very long. As soon as the CIS squad came back with the guns, they locked the bombsites down in every round. ‘Hobbit’ was correctly termed as being in Championship mode as FURIA couldnt get past him at all. Gambit went on a streak of 7 to win the game 16-10 and confirm their spot at the semis.

Gambit will play the winner of Natus Vincere and Team Vitality’s game which takes place later today. The first Semi Final would be between Heroic and G2, and on Sunday night we will crown a new CS:GO Major Champion.