FaZe Clan Win PGL Antwerp CSGO Major over NaVi

The international roster took down the defending champions in 2 maps to etch their name in history.

faze clan pgl antwerp major 2022

FaZe Clan defeated Natus Vincere in the Grand Final of PGL Antwerp Major to become the first International roster to win a CSGO Major Championship. Led by Karrigan and co. FaZe didn’t crumble like they did at Boston 4 years ago, and beat the reigning champions in 2 maps. rain, the only remaining member from the original FaZe CSGO roster of 2016, stepped up massively when his team needed him as he took NaVi to the cleaners and finished as the MVP of the Major. 


1. FaZe removed Mirage 

2. Natus Vincere removed Vertigo 

3. FaZe picked Inferno 

4. Natus Vincere picked Nuke 

5. Natus Vincere removed Overpass 

6. FaZe removed Dust2 

7. Ancient was left over

MAP 1 – Inferno (FaZe Clan 19-17 NaVi)

FaZe kicked us off on Inferno, a classic CSGO Major Grand Final map starting on the T side. Looking ready and raring to go, FaZe got off to the best of starts winning 8 rounds straight. Such was the dominance that electroNic, booombl4 and b1t were at 0 frags in the first 6 rounds. 

The 9th round brought the first for NaVi thanks to a 3k from s1mple. 

After the initial flurry, NaVi found their footing and won 5 of the last 7, but it was by no means satisfactory as FaZe ended the T side with a 10-5 lead.

The CT side start was just as good for FaZe as MVP contender rain pulled off a 1v2 clutch, with an ACE to give FaZe the 11th. 

After being down 12-5, NaVi’ brought out the stratbook and won 5 in a row. After losing one, they won another 5 and had 2 match points at 15-13, courtesy of high impact fraggin from the rookie b1t and Perfecto in tandem. 

IGL karrigan then stepped up with frags when they needed him as his 3k kept NaVi off 16 as the game went into OT.

karrigan and co. stepped up massively again in Overtime as they stopped NaVi to just 1 T round. After switching sides, FaZe showed their T side prowess again and a 1v2 from broky gave FaZe the map win 19-17 and a 1-0 lead in the Major Grand Final.

MAP 2 – Nuke (FaZe Clan 16-10 NaVi)

NaVi’s pick of Nuke started much like Inferno for them as FaZe’s CT setup dismantled the T advances. rain, the timeless fragger for FaZe Clan proved his worth yet again as he racked up 5 opening kills and 5 multi-kill rounds in the first 9.

He continued his tear with 18 frags on the CT side as FaZe stopped NaVi to 5 rounds at the end of the half as it ended  10-5 for FaZe.  

After losing the pistol, b1t’s deagle 4k gave NaVi a string of 3 CT rounds, and another two after a round loss.

But with the money bottoming out, rain showed up yet again with opening kills in each round to dismantle NaV’s defence and give his side the MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP 16-10.


rain and Karrigan, the old guard of FaZe put the Boston demon’s to bed as they became the first ever international roster (language wise) to win a CSGO major. This was the first CSGO Major for all members of the roster, as broky became the first Latvian, ropz the first Estonian and Twistzz the first Canadian to win the most valuable CSGO trophy. They win $500,000 in prize money while NaVi, unable to defend their crown go home in 2nd with $250,000 in their pockets.