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Skyesports Champions Series Group Stage Day 4 Recap

With Enigma from Group A and Velocity Gaming from Group B already qualified day 4 of the Skyesports Champions Series group Stage had decisive matches for either qualification or elimination. From Group A, Revenant Esports, Global Esports had a chance to qualify while prime 5 faced elimination. Similarly, Orangutan, Full Power Gaming, and Reckoning Esports had qualification chances in group B. 

The day was full of great valorant and had so many exciting moments and matches, with most matches going the distance.

Summary of Day 4

Group A

Revenant Esports 2-0 Prime 5

Enigma Gaming 2-0 Global Esports 

Group B

Orangutan 2-1 Reckoning Esports 

Velocity Gaming 1-2 Full Power Gaming

Exceeli Esports 0-2 Union Gaming

Match 1: Orangutan 2-1 Reckoning Esports 

The Day 4 of Skyesports Champions Series Group Stage started with a bang with Reckoning and Orangutan on 2-1, needing a single win to qualify for Chennai LAN and both teams brought their best foot forward for the same. 

Orangutan’s pick of Ascent seemed one-sided for a while and it seemed orangutan would runaway at least with the first map given the strong 8-4 attack half. But it all changed on their defense where Reckoning kept finding holes in Orangutan’s defense managing to win 9 rounds closing the first map 13-11. 

Orangutan now faced two demons, first being 0-1 down, secondly Bind being Reckoning’s map pick. Now on the backfoot they managed to bounce back by winning their defensive half against Reckoning 9-3, In the second half, it seemed as if the events of map 1 might repeat with Reckoning winning 3 of the 4 starting rounds, but Orangutan managed to contain it and win the map 13-6 on the attack. 

Breeze, the decider was somewhat anti-climatic. It seemed Orangutan managed to bring the momentum from the previous map into the decider winning their defensive half 11-1 and only dropping a single round on attack, winning the map 13-2 and the game 2-1. Shooter and tesseract had combined ACS of 57 and 51 and they were the MVPs of the game. 

With this win, Orangutan has most likely locked their place for the Chennai LAN, While Reckoning has to face Full Power tomorrow and win both the maps with ease in order to qualify, or else Full Power would qualify. 

Match 2: Velocity Gaming 1-2 Full Power Gaming

The second match was more of a placement match for Velocity, but Full Power needed the win to solidify their position in the group, and full power managed to bring the heat to their opponents.

On Velocity gaming’s pick of fracture, Velocity showed their attack abilities with mw1 and Deathmaker penetrating Full Power’s Defense and winning the first half 8-4, but Full Power on attack showed absolute class, only dropping one round and winning the Vlt’s map pick 13-9. 

Bind had an amazing first half, with both teams going at it and was back and forth but Full power won their map pick’s first half 7-5. Velocity though managed to completely read full power’s defense and without dropping a single round, won the game 13-7.

The decider chosen was Haven, and a decider it was with both teams exchanging blows one after another, with the first half split 6-6, In the second half, VLT couldn’t consistently win attacking round and only could win 3 rounds before losing the map 9-13, losing the series 1-2. 

With this win full power not only did manage to upset one of the strongest teams in the competition but managed to solidify their position in the group and are in a strong position to qualify. 

Match 3: Revenant Esports 2-0 Prime 5

The game was a really important game for Prime 5 as a loss here would mean elimination. While Revenant needed to win to ensure they are in a strong position to qualify. 

The first map of Haven was anyone’s game with Revenant and Prime 5 exchanging 6 rounds in the first half But on Defense, Revenant managed to suppress prime 5’s attack to only 3 rounds closing the game 13-9.

On Split, Revenant on the attack had a hard time finding their groove only managing 4 rounds on attack. But they put up a resilient defense and closed up sites for prime 5’s attackers letting only 2 rounds of slip-ups win the map 13-10 and they closed the game 2-0. Scargod and KnightRider with ACS’s of 266 and 244 were MVPs of the game. 

This loss was the dream-crusher for Prime 5’s LAN dream now that they are on 1-3, While Revenant is now 3-1 up and would play Valor tomorrow where a win would qualify them for the Chennai LAN. 

Match 4: Enigma Gaming 2-0  Global Esports

This was the most hyped game of the day with both teams being absolute juggernauts, this was the first time since the Mumbai LAN that enigma faced Global and they were hungry for revenge. While Enigma already qualified, Global needed the win to improve their qualifying chances.

Enigma’s map pick took us to the elevated Ascent, and Enigma justified their choice by winning the attacking first half 8-4 despite being down 4-1 in the first 5 rounds. Now on the back foot, losing the opening 2 rounds of the half, Global esports showed their mental prowess and came back to tie the regulation rounds at 12-12.

After exchanging the rounds in the first OT, on the back of Excali’s strong battle sage, Enigma managed to close the first game 15-13. 

GE’s choice of Split, Despite a back and forth few rounds, Global Esports managed to win the half 8-4 and only losing 2 rounds after a 2-2 start. The second half started with Enigma winning the pistol and the follow-up going 8-6 and eventually managing to slip through Global’s defense on A site to force overtime. 

In OT, after winning their attack rounds in the first OT, Enigma managed to defend the first round of the second OT and closed it out on attack to win the second game in a similar fashion of 15-13, winning the match 2-0 completing the revenge. Excali yet again proved to be a strong force with 245 ACS, 49 kills, and 1.3 KD playing battle sage on the first map and raze on the second.

With this win, Enigma Gaming is now 4-0 up and most likely is the top seed of group A while Global Esports needs to win against Khumbu tomorrow to ensure they are in the running for Chennai LAN. 

Match 5: Exceeli Esports 0-2  Union Gaming

This match though not affecting the overall qualification status for the teams was an interesting one for sure with both teams trying to win their first game. 

Exceeli choosing Ascent started on the attack but barely managed to make a dent in the Union Gaming’s defense losing the first half 3-9, Union carried on the momentum to the second half and despite losing the opening pistol won the game 13-5. 

Now onto Union’s map pick of Split, Union on attack ‘split’ open Exceeli’s defense won the first half 9-3. In the second half despite a pistol victory went on to lose 4 out of the 5 first rounds but they retained their calm and stopped the bleeding after 4 rounds winning the map 13-7, closing the match 2-0 on the back of ChromnZ 302 combined ACS raze. 

Despite the win being a consolation one, it was still a win given the conditions Union played in. Congratulations to them on their first win. 

This concludes day 4 which was one of the most exciting if not the most exciting day of Valorant in the Skyesports Champions Series group stage with the day starting with 2-1s and an exciting clash of titans going to double OT on both maps.

After today, Prime 5, Khumbu Esports, Union Gaming, and Exceeli are out of the running for Chennai LAN, while Orangutan and Revenant are most like the second set of teams qualifying for the Chennai LAN. 

Tomorrow Reckoning, Full Power, and Global would have deciders for their qualification. While Team Valor faces Revenant’s might to stay in the race of LAN. Good luck to all the teams for their important day 5 matches and I am sure day 5 would be an absolute banger too. GGs. 

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