esl network next partnership

The COVID shifted the entire esports landscape to online play and LAN events and it’s been over a year since any major event has seen the face of LAN. Professional players are constantly haunted by the uncertainties surrounding network connectivity.

To remedy the issue to some extent leading tournament organizer ESL has joined forces with network company Network Next. The alliance will look forward to developing a better network around tournaments to help players perform better in the online landscape, specifically in ESL events.

Network Next is a company that offers premium network facilities such a minimal packet loss, reduced jitter, and low latency. Such features are made possible with their aggressive optimization of the network infrastructure, which is extremely beneficial to esports athletes who suffer from delays in their connection.

“Over the last year, the pandemic has caused the esports landscape to dramatically change and we have seen concurrent user numbers soar,” said ESL VP Trevor Schmidt, “We want to ensure that the growing fanbase continues to enjoy the best possible gaming experience, and we believe Network Next can help make that happen,” he added.

Their partnership will debut at the next ESL CSGO event in ESL Pro League Season 13. Little by little organizers will move forward to integrating the network facilities to other games once it passes all tests by ESL.

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