EG sign Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts to form Blueprint

eg blueprint

The whole idea behind this project would be to bolster the North American Counter Strike scene with up-and-coming players who would now be able to make use of the resources Evil Geniuses would provide. 

North American Organization Evil Geniuses have signed the rosters of Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts in a bid to create a 15-man fluid CS:GO roster which would compete right from the Elite Leagues to cash cups and other similar regional tournaments including the famous Fragadelphia and the ESL Challengers. 

EG’s current roster featuring Jake “Stewie2k” Yip and company would be their main starting lineup while the players from Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts would now play under the banner of EG, which was further focused upon by director of gaming excellence Danny Engels who said to Dot Esports in an exclusive interview:

The beauty of Counter-Strike is that we have so many different tournaments happening at once. It’s not like the players are just waiting to get the shot in your Pro League and BLAST and Major. There are so many tournaments that we can play at once even to a world where we can have three Evil Geniuses teams playing at the very same time.

We may now be potentially looking at three iterations of Evil Geniuses simultaneously playing across the Globe which indeed puts them in the driver’s seat when it comes to appending the skill-set of every player from EG’s 15-man fluid roster. The structure of Blueprint has derived its power from Evil Genuises’s League of Legends division who currently monitors two academy teams alongside the main roster in order to promote young talent to the latter which they most recently succeeded in after taking home the LCS title in North America. 

The Blueprint would also eliminate the massive problem of players getting burnt out from the competition and would pave the way for their in-house talent to feature.

The beauty of this approach is that you can fight tournament fatigue or rather you can focus on the tournaments that you wanna win, ideally, by also selecting the tournaments accordingly. It’s a different approach from the fact that we do not see them as an academy team. We will give the players a chance to shine and, on top of that, you will have a collective of players that can work together in order to become better and better.

The newly-signed players will now be Seattle bound where they would bring this Blueprint idea to life and would get to utilize every piece of infrastructure and resources powered to them by Evil Geniuses. Alongside these 10 players from Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts, their respective staff has also been transferred to the project. 

Evil Geniuses now have these following three teams which are:

  • William “⁠RUSH⁠” Wierzba
  • Timothy “⁠autimatic⁠” Ta
  • Jake “⁠Stewie2K⁠” Yip
  • Vincent “⁠Brehze⁠” Cayonte
  • Tsvetelin “⁠CeRq⁠” Dimitrov
  • Colby “⁠Walco⁠” Walsh
  • Jerric “⁠wiz⁠” Jiang
  • Jadan “⁠HexT⁠” Postma
  • Connor “⁠chop⁠” Sullivan
  • Anthony “⁠CLASIA⁠” Kearney
  • Jonathan “⁠djay⁠” Dallal
  • Jonathan “⁠Jonji⁠” Carey
  • Ben “⁠ben1337⁠” Smith
  • Josh “⁠PwnAlone⁠” Pigue
  • Wesley “⁠viz⁠” Harris
  • Tommy “⁠Axed⁠” Ryan (Head coach – Carpe Diem)
  • Joseph “⁠Muenster⁠” Lima (Head Coach – Party Astronauts)

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