New CSGO Update Revamps Shorthanded Income and Timeouts

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A new update has been shipped to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and it aims to fix the disparity between teams that are a man down and their opponents after Valve’s decision to remove bots from competitive matchmaking. 

While fans weren’t exactly pleased at the decision at first, Valve has introduced a number of changes to compensate for the added disadvantage of not receiving a bot in the team when a player disconnects from a ranked game. 

One of these changes included the shorthanded loser income that teams received after three rounds of being a man down. The $1,000 bonus income may not seem to be a lot of money, but it helped teams balance their economy properly to enable them to handle a 4v5.

Today’s update revamped the shorthanded income to be given every round regardless of a win or loss. 

On top of that, Broken Fang Premier team tactical timeouts have been changed from 4x 30 second timeouts to 2x one minute timeouts. While the total duration of the timeouts are still the same, the fewer number of pauses might help players maintain their focus in the game.

Here are the CSGO changelogs for the February 3rd patch:

  • Short-handed income is now given after every round regardless of a win or loss.
  • Broken Fang Premier team timeouts have changed from 4x half-minute timeouts to 2x one minute timeouts.
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