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CSGO Player Finds 39 Unreleased Weapon Skins in Game Files

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It hasn’t been long since the new ‘Snakebite’ case has hit the live servers of CSGO, and it seems like we may already have an idea of what the upcoming skins collection will be.

The recent Snakebite case brought with it some amazing skins for various weapons alongside some new finishes on glove skins. Currently priced at around $4 USD on the Steam market, the Snakebite case has received a lot of positive feedback from the community for the skins included in it.

While CSGO fans were busy appreciating the skins included in the Snakebite case, a Twitter user with the username ‘A R E Z’ looked into some game files and managed to dig up 39 unreleased weapons skins that can potentially be included in a future case. The user shared his findings through a Tweet recently.

The skins found by ‘AREZ’ hidden in the game files include a total of 16 weapon skins alongside 23 glove skins.

You can take a look at all of the skins here.

The release dates of those weapon skins are still unclear. 

Thumbnail by: AREZ

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