CSGO New Anti Cheat System Coming “Near Future” says Valve CEO Gabe Newell

Over the years, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive has witnessed an exponential rise in the number of cheaters and their impending wrath.

The game since then has been through a rough patch when it comes to fair play. Ultimately it’s the VACnet which comes into play when it comes to eliminating these kinds by either convicting them while in-game or from the Overwatch cases.

It’s been almost a year since CS:GO introduced its “Trusted Launch Mode” and the latter has seemed to just worsen things for the community. Most recently, Trust did malfunction eventually allowing cheaters to enter the game without confirming the signatures of their game files. This was later addressed by the game developer on Twitter citing a fix which was shipped after strong feedback from the community.

Recently in an interview (Now Private) with Gabe Newell in New Zealand, YouTuber and Redditor Odysseic asked the President of Valve about the future of CS:GO’s Anti-cheat, “Are any employees of Valve looking to improve CS:GO’s anti-cheat system?” to which Gaben replied with,

“Yeah” followed by “It’s a lot of work under process”

This does mean the First Person tactical shooter would be getting an improvised Anti Cheat soon in the near future, much more stronger than what we have at the moment. Till now, the VACnet and the trusted mode were just placing cheaters in a bad sector, eventually matching them up with the other 9 players with similar parameters.