CSGO Devs Load Cobblestone on Source 2: Leaks

The tenth anniversary of CSGO has just passed, and Valve celebrated the occasion with new birthday pins, sticker capsules, and music kits. While fans were expecting something more from the devs of the shooter to commemorate the tenth CSGO anniversary, it seems like Valve may have something more planned around CSGO Source 2.

According to recent leaks from prominent dataminers, the CSGO developers have loaded the fan-favorite bomb-defusal map ‘Cobblestone‘ on the Source 2 engine. The leaks mention the data ‘Offline Casual de_cbbl_s2’, which hints at the new version of the map being added to the engine. 

In the past, we had seen several leaks surfacing on the internet that confirmed that Valve had been working on porting some of the CSGO maps to the Source 2 engine for a while. The maps that have already been reworked on the Source 2 engine include Inferno, Overpass, Italy, Shoots, Lake, and Shortdust. 

This goes on to show that Valve is not only working on the competitive maps for the Source 2 upgrade, but they’re also porting maps for the other game modes like wingman. 

CSGO fans have been asking the devs behind the shooter for the Source 2 upgrade for many years now. While the prayers of the community have gone pretty much unanswered so far, these new leaks are showing a glimmer of hope to the players of the title. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that Valve is pretty infamous for not revealing its plans involving the game or its updates ahead of time, which is why players might not be hearing an official announcement from Valve till the actual release of Source 2 in CSGO.