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Fans Recreate CSGO in Source 2: First Looks at the Gameplay

As we’re standing only a few days away from the tenth anniversary of CSGO, the expectations for a Source 2 port coming to the shooter are higher than ever.

No, an official engine upgrade for the shooter hasn’t been confirmed by Valve as of yet, but recent leaks suggest that there’s still a decent chance of the tenth anniversary update bringing in Source 2 to the title. 

Luckily, it seems like you won’t have to wait out the duration to find out what CSGO will look like after the Source 2 update, as some avid CSGO fans have managed to recreate the game in the upgraded engine and have shared the first looks at the gameplay on YouTube.

According to Twitter user ‘Gabe Follower’, the team managed to recreate CSGO in Source 2 within the short span of six months. On top of that, they claim to have not used a single line of code from CSGO itself, which makes this achievement even more remarkable to say the least. 

Needless to say, this fan-made port has drawn some great reactions from the CSGO community as players of the title throughout the globe have commended Gabe Follower and his team for being able to complete this project within the incredibly short span of six months. 

Interested fans can check out Gabe Follower’s full video with explanation here

CSGO fans will now be eagerly looking forward to the tenth-anniversary update to find out what it brings to the shooter. The update is likely to hit the live servers on August 21, 2022, the day that marks ten years since the title’s release in 2012.

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