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CSGO Devs Decline Fans’ Demands for Fortnite Dance Emotes

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Over the past years, a portion of the fans of Valve’s competitive shooter CSGO have raised repeated demands to add celebratory dances or emotes to CSGO, similar to those found in the popular battle royale Fortnite.

However, a recent Tweet from the CSGO developers on this issue seems to have settled the fans’ demands once and for all.

Following the January 8th CSGO update where Valve removed bots from competitive, fans resorted to Twitter to express their discontentment regarding Valve’s decision. A few days later, Don Haci jokingly asked the devs to “give the people what they want” while attaching a video of a T executing an emote in CSGO.

To this, the official CSGO Twitter handle replied with a poline “No.”

While it doesn’t seem like the Fortnite emotes will be making their way to the official servers anytime soon, fans can still browse the community server list to find a server with custom emotes activated. Modders have managed to implement a variety of dances and emotes similar to the ones mentioned above into CSGO for the players to enjoy.

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