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Easter Eggs in CSGO Broken Fang Mission Hints Towards Mirage Revamp

Are we going to get a revamped Mirage?

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Whether you’ve been playing CSGO from the dawn of its existence or just for a year, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the bomb defusal map ‘Mirage’. The map has been in the active duty map pool for a long time, and with the exception of a few reworks, most of the map has been the same for years now. 

While many avid CSGO fans would like Mirage to remain unchanged, a portion of the fan base is also actively rooting for a Mirage revamp.

Luckily, some recent findings from the new broken fang co-op mission might just hint towards a possible Mirage remake in the near future. 

Reddit user u/ItsMeCall911 has shared pictures from the new co-op map that resembles Mirage in some form. For instance, this screenshot taken from a part of the mission is referred to as ‘Mirage Sector’ in-game, and the textures are also similar to that of Mirage. 

The second screenshot might be further evidence of a potential Mirage revamp. The screenshot showcases a whiteboard pinned with several pictures from the original Mirage. The attached images include locations like B-Short, Window, B-site, and Connector. 

Many fans are starting to suspect that the above-mentioned locations of Mirage might be getting a revamp in an upcoming update. 

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