Valkyrae becomes Corpse Husband in brand new MGK “DAYWALKER!” music video

valkyrae mgk corpse husband cameo

100T star streamer and iconic content creator, Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has stunned the internet with her latest collaboration with Musician MGK. 

Over the past few days, Valkyrae has been tweeting about MGK’s upcoming music video featuring Corpse Husband titled “Daywalker!.” She has been tweeting about it regularly with several images from the set that caused her fans to believe she’s guesting in the video with Corpse Husband. But to everyone’s surprise, after the music video went live, it was revealed that Valkyrae featured as Corpse Husband in the video.

Since the rise of Among Us, Corpse Husband has become very popular among YouTube fans. Corpse Husband has been very particular about hiding his face from the public and has never revealed his face or identity. Since he is such a mysterious person, finding out Valkyrae role-playing as Corpse Husband in Daywalker has absolutely stunned the fans and the internet can’t take it. 

Just after the release of Daywalker, Corpse Husband tweeted out a list of YouTubers that have featured in the video. The list includes-

  • Dream
  • Sykkuno
  • Disguised Toast
  • Jacksepticeye
  • Bretman
  • Tinakitten
  • Lilypichu
  • Jaidenanimations
  • Natsumiii

The music video currently sits with over 3 Million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours. The premier of Daywalker has met with a ton of fanfare and has gone viral over the internet.