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CSGO Based Question Appears on Math Exam in Vietnam

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Mathematics exams can often be considered to be boring even if you’re good with the subject itself. However, a Vietnamese teacher decided to spice things up a notch as they decided to put a CSGO-based question on a Maths paper, which had a good portion of the CSGO community across the world scratching their heads. 

The question isn’t an easy one either. It requires a good understanding of probability and calculating the odds of a required event.
Here’s the question that appeared on the exam paper:

When translated, it says, “A player is holding a Desert Eagle and facing an enemy. Each shot he fires has a 50% chance of hitting the enemy. If the shot is accurate, there’s also a 20% chance of it being a headshot which will kill the target immediately, otherwise, it requires 3 shots to take down the enemy. What is the probability that the player takes down the enemy in 7 shots?”

Take some time and see if you can figure this out. If you can’t, don’t worry. We have solved it for you.


An ideal way to solve this problem would be to eliminate the probability of the enemy not dying after 7 Deagle shots.

Note that the probability of landing a body shot is 0.4, while that of landing a headshot is 0.1 (20% of 50%).

Here’s how you do it:

  • Probability of missing all 7 shots: (0.5)^7 
  • Probability of missing 6 shots with a body shot: (0.5)^6 * (0.4) * 7C1
  • Probability of missing 5 shots with 2 body shots: (0.5)^6 * (0.4)^2 * 7C2

Subtracting the sum of the above from the total probability 1, we get an answer of about 84.4% which should be the probability of killing the enemy.

However, the answer doesn’t seem to be matching any of the four given options as listed in the paper. It’s likely that the listed options don’t include the correct option at all.

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