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CSGO 360 Stats Tool: All You Need To Know

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Earlier today, Valve shipped out an update that finally marked the end of Operation Broken Fang.

Along with it, a series of changes have been made within the first-person tactical shooter with the game developers revealing a new case called “Snakebite” This update saw Train be excluded from the Active Duty map pool though the map will still be played in the upcoming European RMR (Regional major Ranking) Tournament.

Previously Operation Broken Fang provided us with a statistics tracker, which would summarize us about our games, including our Kill/Death ratio, heat maps, information about players you played with and performances across maps played.

At first, it was known that this stat tracker would go off once the operation concluded, but due to its popularity, Valve decided to make it as a permanent feature in this brand new CSGO update.

Priced at $0.99 USD (74 INR), you can get the CSGO 360 Stats tool from in-game. The subscription lasts one calendar month and will automatically renew on the same date each month unless you cancel during your current billing cycle.

As mentioned above, it will provide you with an overall summary of your previous games played along with a round win chance meter and last match report analysis, the likes of which you saw in the recently concluded operation.

Players would now be able to use this feature as an official part of the game and won’t resort to third party websites for the same.

This tool does resemble the stat tracker which was available in the game before the Panorama update. But if you look on the bright side, the 360 Stats would only record the numbers from your official matches and not Bot matches or customs.

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