Valorant Mobile Release Date and more

valorant mobile

Some good news awaits mobile gamers, as it seems like the highly anticipated mobile version of Valorant is already under development.

According to a recent report by IGN India, sources close to Riot Games have claimed that the title, which has been tentatively named Valorant Mobile, is in the works while the company analyzes the game’s market.

Valorant Mobile Release Date:

Furthermore, according to popular leaker ‘PlayerIGN’, the release date of Valorant Mobile might be nearer than expected. According to him, Valorant Mobile will be announced at E3 2021, which is gonna take place around mid-June.

You can take a look at the video here:

This news doesn’t come as a surprise to many, though. Previously, we had seen strings of the Valorant Mobile tutorial being leaked by data miners. The Valorant Mobile settings were also leaked prior to that. 

The rising popularity of mobile gaming over the past few years has led more and more video game devs to release mobile versions of their flagship titles. Needless to say, Valorant Mobile is expected to be a huge hit in the mobile gaming community at the time of its release.

No official comment has been made by Riot Games regarding the release of Valorant Mobile as of yet.

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