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Astralis CSGO’s Spike responds to sexual assault claims

KiKi has accused Spike of sexual misconduct, and she has given her response to the claims.

Astralis female CS:GO player Selin “spike” Alak has spoken out against sexual assault charges made by Kaia “KiKi” Holmen.

On October 11, spike revealed what happened at her last team’s week-long bootcamp in Poland, Europe.  She outlined the accusations against her and how she saw the situation between KiKi and herself.

KiKi, a professional female CS:GO player, made the allegation on October 8 that her former colleague spike sexually raped her while they were both competing for Ambush Esports Female. The incident allegedly occurred when the two were teammates with Ambush Esports Female.

Holmen revealed this information in her Twitlonger dated October 8 by stating that it was the “worst night I have had in a very long time.” KiKi states that Spike “tried to have sex with me” despite the fact that KiKi has repeatedly told Spike that she does not want to have sexual relations with him.

She then presented a comprehensive explanation of the alleged incident that took place during the team’s week-long training session in Poland.

Three days later, spike explained what happened between the two players, denying any involvement in a sexual assault and describing what happened before, during, and after bootcamp.

Spike begins by claiming that “Before the bootcamp, KiKi and I had been flirty with each other.” She then goes on to assert that KiKi had implied multiple times during the team’s (Ambush Esports Female) video chat sessions that she was interested in her. Spike’s claim is supported by the fact that KiKi had been flirting with her before the bootcamp.

The Astralis FE CS:GO member later went on to call KiKi’s allegation “pathetic” and rebutted her choice to ”go public about something like this out of spite.”

Spike went on to discuss KiKi’s removal from the Astralis CS:GO roster, sharing the perspective of the team that she was “a bad player or not the right fit for the team,” and that the squad went a different route when kicking her from the team.

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