CSGO Steam Page Remains Deleted for Hours; Source 2 Upgrade on the Horizon?

csgo update

It has been over an hour since the official Steam page of CSGO got deleted by Valve, and the community continues to panic due to lack of communication from Valve’s side.

While the reasons behind this sudden deletion of the Steam community page of the #1 game on the platform still remains a mystery, many are starting to suspect that a major update might be on the horizon.

The possible major update may require a complete revamp of the Steam page of CSGO, which could explain why the page was shut down for hours.

Is it possible that CSGO is finally getting its much-anticipated Source 2 upgrade?

While it can’t be said for certain, the possibility can’t be dismissed either. If a major update is indeed coming, it may very well be the Source 2 update that the fans have been requesting for years.

Considering the fact that CSGO has been facing quite the competition from Riot’s shooter Valorant in terms of player base and esports tournaments, now would be an ideal time for the developers to give fans what they want – the Source 2 engine upgrade.

Besides, we have had plenty of leaks in the past that hinted towards the possibility of Source 2 arriving to CSGO. In case you’re curious about what the Source 2 upgrade will mean for the game itself, you can read everything about it here.