Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is touching new highs even 7 years after its launch. The game since the last couple of years was losing it’s playerbase to popular battle royale (BR) games. However, much of the hype around BR games have settled and the players seem to be returning back. CS:GO is regarded is one of the most-popular and player-friendly first person shooter (FPS) game.

The game went free to play in December 2018 which might have attracted a whole new playerbase. Also, the major is underway and several users would tune in to GOTV to watch pro teams compete against each other. For casual players, this game provides various modes – Wingman, Danger Zone, etc.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive touched 402,524 average player base in August 2019, breaking the previous best of February 2017. This was quite a surprise since the game historically sees a slump in player base during summers while the playerbase reaches it’s best during December-January season.