CSGO Pros to form Separate Hub for Pros and Entertainment Streamers

Professional players deck themselves up in a bid to form an own hub of theirs on FACEIT.

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Semi-professional players from several regions cross swords and compete against each other in the FPL (FACEIT Pro League). FPL is a place where the Semi-pros often showcase their skill set and try to come out on top in a bid to get noticed by the Professional teams out across the globe. FPL does also allow the Professional players to queue up alongside these Semi-pros where the latter stand a chance to set up a comparison between their play styles with theirs.


Earlier today Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev on his twitter posted a tweet stating about a hub which he and Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač have planned to open which would only feature players from the Professional Scene and streamers too. As many of the Semi-Professional players on FACEIT are serious about their games and performances, the ones from the pro scene queue up for FPL just to have relax and have fun. But with the primary objective of getting noticed by the community on their minds, these semi-pros might pile up some aggravating moments for the pro players as they might not want to have fun on the server unlike the latter.

From the above tweet of s1mple and his reply to one of the comments in his thread, one can easily deduce the details from it which do highlight about a counsel of five players who have already came up with their judgements and in addition to this, s1mple does assure about the fact that all the Professional players will have a say of their own when the entire process would come down to a voting system where they would vote to either add or discard a specific player.

Also, Nathan “NBK” Schmitt did throw some light on this issue after Lobanjicaaaa, an FPL player who recently left the FPL Europe Hub after he got frustrated in a match where everyone seemed to be playing according to their own strategies and thus in due course overshadowing the fact that they had a Tier-1 player in their team (Johannes ‘tabseN’ Wodarz) thus disrespecting his thoughts as well.

Lobanjicaaaa did a post on his Reddit account where he focused on his unexpected “raged” exit from the FPL Europe Hub. Here is a Twitch.tv link where we can witness a player trash talk to tabseN.

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