CSGO: NaVi considering GuardiaN


According to a tweet by Haci, Natus Vincere are considering the return of Ladislav ‘guardiaN’ Kovac back into their roster after Zeus went public about his retirement after Blast Pro Series Moscow. There remains a serious chance of this move to go through as the Slovak seems to have fallen out of flavor under FaZe Clan.

Previously, sources have already hinted towards a roster overhaul of FaZe, with Neo, Olof and guardiaN to be the possible departures, reportedly making way for Broky, Coldzera and AleksiB. FaZe are a organization known for making massive roster changes to achieve immediate results.

NaVi were an inconsistent team, failing to achieve what such a roster is capable of, with former player guardian back to the roster, it would only add to their firepower. The question remains, if guardiaN is to be signed by the Ukrainian organization, who is up for the leadership role. On top of that with the veteran sniper on their side we would definitely expect to see the AWP less in the hands of s1imple. NaVi has underperformed several times this year and are definitely looking to improve on that department for the coming events.