CSGO Hits Concurrent Player Count of 10,00,000 Once Again

The numbers are expected to rise further once the new Operation drops.

csgo update
csgo update today

For the first time since June, Valve’s competitive shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has hit a concurrent player count of over a million players.

Over the past few weeks, there have been rising speculations over the release of an upcoming CSGO operation, which implies that the numbers can only be expected to rise further once it arrives.

This sudden rise in player count might be due to the re-establishment of lockdowns across various countries in Europe. Also, it goes without saying that the devs have done a terrific job in maintaining a constant flow of updates to the shooter and engaging actively with the community to maintain communication with the player base.

CSGO has been holding its position at the top of the steam charts for quite a while now, followed by Valve’s MOBA title DOTA 2, the battle royale PUBG, and InnerSloth’s latest hit ‘Among Us’.

According to some recent leaks, the new operation is expected to hit the servers in a few weeks from now and is set to feature multiple new game modes and a new snow-themed danger zone map.

Back in March 2014, CSGO had crossed the concurrent player count of a million for the first time.