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CSGO: BIG wins CS Summit 6 Europe


BIG has defeated Vitality 3-2 in a best of 5 series in the finals of cs_summit 6 after having a 1 map disadvantage due to coming from the lower bracket. 

The map veto started with BIG removing Vertigo and Vitality banning Train and then BIG picking up Mirage as the first map and Vitality picking inferno. Dust 2 was chosen by BIG as the third map pick and Overpass was lastly picked by Vitality. 

The first map started with BIG winning the pistol round in their favor and also taking on the buy round and extending their lead in the very beginning to 5-0.  Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut 4 insane AWP kills started to bring his team back in the game. Although BIG won the first half 8-7.

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The second half saw some incredible plays coming from Nils “⁠k1to⁠” Gruhne with his AWP and BIG playing inch perfect on their own map pick and then easily closing out the map 16-8 in their favor. 

The second map was inferno and Vitality did bounce back after losing the first map of the grand finals and started with winning the pistol round with 3 quick kills coming from ‘Rpk’ and then helping his team move on to a 7-1 lead. On the other hand Ismailcan “⁠XANTARES⁠” Dörtkardeş was on another level today as he clutched some very important rounds for his team and took the half time score to 8-7 in favor of Vitality.

The second pistol round was also won by Vitality and that gave them a good boost to recover all the lost rounds in the first half and the rest of the job was done by ‘Zyw0O’ who finished the map with a 23K-19D and Vitality secured the map 16-11.

The third map of the game was Dust2 and BIG was not ready to give up so easily so although losing the pistol round, they did a force buy on the second round and that worked for them and they were quite dominant on their T side and secured the half 10-5.

In the second half Vitality did try to make a comeback by winning the pistol round yet again but again losing on the force buy rounds and then eventually losing a few clutch situations and BIG finally taking the map 16-10 in their favor and equalising the series 2-2 and taking to the fifth and the final map of the series that was Overpass.

The final map was Overpass and this was the last chance for both the teams to seal this series and the title of Cs_summit6. The rounds went back and forth as both the teams played top notch counter strike but the half ended with Vitality slightly edging over BIG with a 8-7 advantage.

The second half was a different story altogether as BIG won the pistol round and then they started off winning rounds continuously and took the scoreline to 14-8. Richard ‘shox’ Papillon did try to win some rounds for his team but failed and BIG secure the map 16-10 and won the series 3-2 and became the champions of Cs_summit 6. 

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