In what can be dubbed as poetic justice, thousands of CSGO and Apex Legends cheaters have had their credit card details stolen after installing a malware contained in their cheats.

Photo via SOPHOS

A report by Sophos, a cybersecurity firm, states that a Malware called Baldr was installed along with the cheats that exposed the credit card details along with the login information of sites like Paypal of the affected users.

The main source of this malware was “CSGO Aimbot+Wallhack” and “Apex Legends New Cheat 0.2.1” along with some other cheats, with Brazil and Russia being the worst affected regions. The popularity of these cheats rose due to advertisements in Twitch broadcasts and YouTube videos.

The issue is ongoing, with several more accounts being vulnerable. This begs the question though, whether this can dissuade hackers from using cheats- and potentially be used in the future as a deterrent.