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The International 9 Group Stage: Day 2 Recap

The group stage is a phase where massive upsets can happen and ultimately shock the entire dota 2 community! Following up with the exciting day 1, day 2 just got even better! Day 2 is where the teams start getting comfortable and pull out exciting new metas out of their pockets!

Day 2’s schedule included 20 best of 2 games, divided into batches of 4.4 best of 2’s were played simultaneously. Everything was on schedule!


N0tail with the strats and ANA with the IO gameplay completely destroyed NIP in this exciting game 1. Here’s a clip of ana’s IO ultra-kill!

OG seemed unstoppable today, clean sweeping any team and anyone that possess a threat!


Navi surprising the dota 2 community with god level gameplays and strategies. Pulling out a clean sweep against fellow CIS team Virtus pro and then ending the day with 2-0ing NIP!


Alliance, a team that never hesitates to experiment at any given situation or tournament. In, game 2 micKe’s infamous Morphling pick worked out wonders. Here’s a short clip of pudge wars at a group stage match.


In the best of 2 series, against Vici Gaming. RTZ unleashed his beast mode and went berserk on Vici Gaming’s lineup completely destroying them 1v5! Here’s the clip.

In conclusion, Team Secret still remains the undisputed kings of Group A, whereas Team OG (the defending champions) top Group B.

Points table at the end of day 2.

For highlights or replays, one can visit the respective twitch channels and check out the past broadcasts.

All games are also uploaded to the DOTA 2 official YouTube channel.

Do not forget to update your fantasy teams for tomorrow. You can do that either in the game or at https://www.dota2.com/fantasy.

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