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This New CS2 Bug Will Trigger Rapid-Fire on Your Weapons

Unleash the (Fake) Fury of Rapid-Fire!

Counter-Strike 2 players have stumbled upon a new bug in the game. While this isn’t a game-breaking bug like some we’ve seen before, it is a hilarious glitch that can trigger rapid fire for the semi-automatic weapons in the game.

The bug was recently shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user ‘Vaccoin’, who showcased the glitch in an attached video while also explaining how this bug can be recreated.

CS2 Rapid-Fire Bug Explained

As we can see in the video, this new CS2 bug turned the Glock-18 into a rapid-firing pistol, which is even more prominent once the weapon is switched to burst fire mode.

The video also demonstrates how this bug affects the knife and the SSG-08, both of which lead to some amusing results with the animations.

The rapid-fire CS2 bug can be easily recreated by entering the ‘+attack’ command in your game console just as you’re about to die.

Fortunately, this bug only affects the client-side and does not impact the server side at all. This means you don’t have to worry about opponents rapid-firing with the AWP in your ranked games, as it’s merely a visual issue.

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