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Counter-Strike 2 Players Find New Game-Breaking Bug on Overpass

A few months have passed since the initial release of Counter-Strike 2 in September 2023, with nearly a year passing since the shooter entered its closed beta phase back in March 2023. However, the player base continues to find game-breaking bugs that can easily disrupt competitive play and even render the game unplayable for players.

While Valve is typically quick to address and patch most of these bugs, a few manage to slip through the developers’ attention, persisting to haunt players in pubs.

A new game-breaking Overpass glitch has recently been developed by CS2 players, and it can get players stuck in a place with no way out.

Game-Breaking CS2 Overpass Stuck Glitch

So what’s the bug in question? And can it happen to you in your competitive games?

First, let’s try to understand how the bug occurs.

When trying to jump up the stairs in Bank, players can often find themselves getting stuck in place. No matter how vigorously you press your movement keys, attempt to jump, crouch, or maneuver around the spot, breaking free from this spot becomes impossible.

The aforementioned bug can be easily recreated in a competitive game of Overpass and players can unknowingly get stuck in the spot.

You can catch the bug in action below.

As we stand just a few days away from the commencement of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024, the CS2 community is urging Valve to address this issue at the earliest.

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