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Corpse Husband is unhappy with Spotify for not featuring his songs

Corpse Husband has shared his grievances against Spotify for not featuring his music on several of their playlist, stating only 1% of the listeners come from there.

Corpse Husband hinted at quitting YouTube permanently due to his choric illness rendering him incapable of dealing the workload streaming brings. One of his prime alternatives were Spotify where he rocks over 3,797,100 followers that will make his career transition relatively smoother. His song “E-Girls Ruined My Life” has over 30 million plays which speaks to his fame over at music streaming platform.

His reputation alone should be enough for Spotify to place him onto one of those spooky playlists, but they don’t seem to do it, complained Corpse in his latest Tweet, before he went ahead to remove it. The analytics mentioned had evidences that only 1% of his Spotify audience comes from the editorial playlists and according to him, the case is different with other artists where the editorial playlists pull a significant amount of listeners to their songs.

“To clarify, a lot of bigger artists get a good amount of their plays from big Spotify editorial playlists, which is what Spotify’s editorial team pushes to large amounts of people,” said Corpse. “I never get on them and 1% of my plays is from them” he added.

His concerns are pretty legit, there is no doubt in the fact that his songs pull a large number of audience and Spotify has a wide range of Editorial Playlist to squeeze a few of his songs into. Given the support he has gotten, Spotify might as well place his songs into their playlists.

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