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COD Warzone Pacific Season 3 new teaser hints at underground mines and rampaging enemies

Season 3 of the COD Warzone Pacific is set to arrive on 27th April and the excitement around the new content drop is also monumental. Activision has slowly started sharing hints about the changes coming with the update via teasers. 

As noted in the announcement, the new season is themed around monsters that are roaming around the map and leaving trails of destruction. A Godzilla crossover is already confirmed, it also means that other movie monsters might also join the lineup of monsters.

Recently, the COD team shared two images and a video with the press partners showing a version of Caldera set ablaze and under a monster attack. In addition, a towering monster can be seen emerging from the water of Caldera in the other image. 

A new teaser was also shared by the COD team via Twitter hinting at the destruction on the ground forcing players to move to underground mines. 

“The island’s surface is no longer safe. When they go high, we go low,” reads the tweet. The tweet hints at players hiding in the mines against the major threat of monsters wreaking havoc on the surface. 

The underground mines look unstable and unsafe, but from the dialogues, it seems like a secret is hidden underground that can help players in overpowering the monsters on the surface. 

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