COD Warzone’s bizarre glitch replaces guns with player heads

cod warzone season 6

Warzone players discovered an odd glitch when viewing his killcam footage in which the enemy player was running around shooting bullets from his head rather than a gun.

A Reddit user, Meatier_Showerr, recently posted a clip of his gameplay Rebirth Island where he encountered the now famous head-gun glitch. The user posted the video on the game’s official subreddit and quickly caught the eye of many players lurking in the sub. 

The clip showed a kill cam footage in which an enemy operator had his gun replaced by the player’s head making it look like a headless character running around firing bullets from its head in hand. The user sarcastically titled his post asking developers to nerf the “head gun”. 

Bugs and glitches are not odd in COD Warzone as most of them are harmless and just fun to look at. Just recently the invisibility glitch was recking havoc in the game with many players complaining about the invisibility glitch ruining their games. While that bug was fixed quickly, the head gun glitch which is seemingly harmless might not get fixed as early.

Having said that, it’s still a hilarious and harmless glitch, especially when u consider how this bug is only present in the killcam, and the player or enemy doesn’t actually see the head covering up their gun in real-time. 

Season 2 is about to end and the season 3 update is right around the corner. It is obvious that the devs are busy with final touches on the update and might not have the time to even acknowledge the bug. Until then we will be getting various montages of this bug in action.