Paper Rex eliminate G2 Esports from VCT Stage 1 Masters

Paper Rex made quick work of G2 Esports with the later getting eliminated from VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík from a 2-0 loss. The final group from EMEA is not going to Iceland subsequently with no group from the area making top four at the occasion.

Kicking off the game with a solid performance on Split, G2 looked as confident as though they would handily overwhelm the APAC group and progress forward in the lower section. Be that as it may, Paper Rex had the option to defeat being down 3-9 to dominate the match with an almost immaculate half to reach. 13-10.

Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto exhibited his capacities by running over G2 as Jett to complete the guide with a 1.66 KD.

Split was followed by Bind, picked by G2 however they battled from the get-go and simply figured out how to gather four rounds in the starting half before Paper Rex got eight.

With a four-round advantage on their own pick, G2 got the initial two gun adjusts in the second half. That carried the round build up to 8-6, for Paper Rex, however that at last would be the nearest round-depend on the guide.

Paper Rex held solid and completed the guide 13-7 to boot EMEA out and get top four in Iceland.

Paper Rex will take on ZETA DIVISION in the lower section on April 22 to see which group will draw one stage nearer to raising the prize. Whichever group wins in ZETA versus Paper Rex will face the loser of OpTic Gaming versus Uproarious.