Cloud9 has announced that it will be stepping away from the PUBG Mobile esports scenario. The North organisation has released its entire roster that was predominant in the same region.

Cloud9 was one of the earliest organisations to act on the booming success of mobile esports around the world. They acquired a PUBG Mobile roster in November 2018 and since then, the team has been performing well. Cloud9 won PMCO: Fall Split for NA region in 2019 and was consistent till date.

This organisation has seen its fair share of troubles when it comes to PUBG Mobile ecosystem. One of their former players, Sixless, was removed from the active roster after the player was under fire by Indian PUBG Mobile community for his controversial comments on Indian PUBG Mobile stars. Later, the player was also banned by PUBG Mobile from competing until the end of 2020.

Cloud9 was one of the most dominant teams when it comes to PUBG Mobile and were always some inches away from the top spot. Their consistent finishes in top 5 place for almost all the tournaments they played, was a commendable feat to achieve when it comes to an unpredictable game like PUBG Mobile.

Stepping down from PUBG Mobile makes these players as free agents and hence, we may see some quick roster changes from other NA rosters in the future. Through many ups and downs, Cloud9 ends its venture into PUBG Mobile esports after two fairly successful years.