Sixless, a competitive PUBG Mobile player has been banned from participating in any esports related tournament till the start of 2021. He got banned for playing under other team with a different account in a tournament.

Sixless is currently a professional PUBG Mobile player for team Pittsburgh Knights and was competing in the ongoing PUBG Mobile World League West. This ban comes as a surprise for his audience as he clarifies his terms and causes of ban in a YouTube Video.

PUBG Mobile Esports officials sent him a official post regarding his terms of ban. “He was playing on an account he didn’t own for a team he wasn’t affiliated with” for PMCO Fall Split Qualifiers , reads Sixless in his video and adds ” The news was reported to them via messages, screenshots and livestreams”

He admits that it was his fault that even if nothing was mentioned in the rulebook, he should have known such a “basic” rule before playing the games.

The video clearly depicts that he feels no remorse about this decision which will lead him to be set in the sidelines from ongoing PMWL and other tournaments till 2021. He poured water on his face and jokes “See I am crying” which may be satire from his side but sounds odd coming from a player receiving the ban.

Sixless also says that he was planning on playing classics after PMWL but this ban will just allow him to do the same thing a little bit before planned schedule. He is only banned into esports genre so he can and will play classic matches and scrimmages and is planning on streaming some of it.

The stance of his organisation Pittsburgh Knights is still unclear and the official esports handles have not shared any information regarding this matter. Sixless did clarify that he did not have any kind of documented agreement with this organisation and may play from other teams in the future.

Sixless was earlier banned from Cloud9 for his unprofessional behaviour which was against their policy and his controversial statements against many India’s top players.