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It has only been a day since the release of Genshin Impact, and the role-playing game is already surrounded by a veil of controversies.

Soon after the release, Chinese company miHoYo, the makers of “Genshin Impact” started being accused of installing spyware on computers in attempts to extract user data. The company has responded to the accusations, claiming that they are baseless.

It all started when players began to notice that the anti-cheat of Genshin Impact kept running in the background even after closing or uninstalling the game. Furthermore, this anti-cheat system behind Genshin requires kernel-level access to the system, quite similar to Vanguard, the anti-cheat of Valorant.

The media was quick to pick up on this, and rumors began to spread like wildfire that miHoYo might be trying to disguise spyware behind their anti-cheat of Genshin.

Today, the issue of the anti-cheat running in the background has been resolved, and the company has responded to the allegations made against them by the overseas media.

According to a Chinese website, miHoYo has denied all the allegations made against them about attempts to steal user data. They’ve claimed that the issues with the anti-cheat didn’t occur in the PS4 or the mobile versions of the game either.

The report when roughly translated, says, “In response to this, miHoYo conducted its own survey and announced the survey results on its official website today on September 28th. The survey results show that the anti-cheat program is automatically started and that the information read by this anti-cheat program is not processed, saved, uploaded, or otherwise spyware-like.”

The company then proceeded to apologize to the players for the inconvenience caused due to the anti-cheat running in the background and reassured players that they’d never collect the personal information of anyone without their consent. Do you play Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comment section below.

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