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China to ban online gaming, chatting with foreigners

Chinese gamers are no more allowed to play online games with gamers from other countries or even chat with them in general. Let’s take a closer look at it!

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has decided to put a ban on online gamers from playing the games with players from foreign countries, and even chatting with them, in general, is now forbidden.

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After Animal Crossing protest, China now allegedly plans to ban ALL online gaming

The super-popular Nintendo Switch hit Animal Crossing has also been banned by the Chinese government in which you simply create a home and play with cute animals. Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong showed a scene from Animal Crossing and spoke that, “it’s too much for the CCP” and took a dig at Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Taiwan News reported that there were many players venting about their dislike for the CCP after logging into Animal Crossing and making satirical content bagging about the CCP and its failure of acting against coronavirus.

The new strict laws from the CCP will see the banning of plagues and zombies, things like map editing, role-playing, and even organizing a union in a game. The following things have been banned in the game:

• Plagues
• Zombies
• Map Editing
• Role Playing
• Organization/Clan/Union

The following commands/laws have been enforced by the CCP on gaming:

Online gaming: Bans the gamers from China from playing with other gamers on servers across the globe.

Surveillance: The Chinese government will be keeping an eye on ALL single-player online games.

Gaming curfew: The CCP has also enforced a strict law that leads to a gaming curfew for those under 18 years of age that prevents them from gaming after 10PM. The amount of money you can spend inside of the game has also been limited.

As reported by TaiwanNews.com.tw

Source: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3916690

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