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CSGO: Late bruttJ’s family files a lawsuit against his former teams

The family of Matheus ‘bruttJ’ Queiroz is suing his past teams, Team Reapers and Imperial Esports, for negligence after several claims that highlighted the condition of the player who had to play in pain amidst of the team houses and the privileges provided to players were not “adequate.”

In December 2019, team Imperial Esports reported about the sad demise of this 19yo Brazilian player after the latter was struggling with a lot of health complications. bruttJ had resorted to a 10 days long break before passing away as his medical reports did link his medical conditions to a brain infection as reported by the Brazilian news site Universo Online (UOL).

Months later, his family has raised a lawsuit where they have decided to sue his former teams, Team Reapers and Imperial Esports as they did neglect the living conditions in the team house which were claimed to be “Poor” by his folks and thus lead to their son’s death.

Universo Online (UOL) reported about this incident, bruttJ suffered from “severe headaches, constant vomiting, and loss of vision” after the latter joined his teammates at the team house of Reapers’ back in August 2019. Other members of the team too did report about the same kind of hardships they were facing alike what bruttJ was feeling where they did blame the water supply factor as one of their former players said in a statement: “Some people had intestinal problems, but we’re not sure if it was because of the water or the food”

Further reported by his mother, in November 2019 where bruttJ despite of swapping to Team Imperial yet came across similar kind of issues where he and his teammates found it difficult to rest as their team house was in the vicinity of an airport followed by the misery added by shortage of food supplies.

“There is a lot of evidence that reveals the lack of adequate health conditions in the gaming house,” stated the lawyer who is currently representing bruttJ’s family in this lawsuit. “Above all, there is even more robust evidence that the teams did not provide healthcare to the player and failed to act when events under their responsibility were indicated,” he added.

Team Imperial did offer around 150USD to the family for helping them with the medical bills before they initiated payment of 1000USD to the same after their son passed away as a result of the complications he had been facing.

In defense, Imperial claimed to have been working with the deceased’s family but they failed to figure out a plan. Also, they denied all the allegations about the conditions of the Gaming house contributing to the death of bruttJ as the latter lived there for just 15 days with Team Reapers showing some defiance by stating that the player didn’t show any symptoms of his claimed illness. Please stay tuned for further updates.

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