Carryminati is one of the most famous YouTuber and streamer from India and his content varies from comedy to gaming genre. There are rumours about Carryminati taking part in this year’s season of reality show Bigg Boss.

Carryminati created a roasting segment on last year’s Bigg Boss season and this time, reports indicate that Carryminati is set to join the very show he was seen making fun of. The reports suggest that Carry has already landed in Mumbai with three other YouTubers that will participate alongside him.

According to RealityPost, a source stated that “Carryminati aka Ajey Nagar is one of the first celebrities approached for Bigg Boss 14. Makers were adamant to sign him for the show, but even after repeated attempts, He has refused to be a part of the show.”

The same report suggests that Carryminati will be seen starring in the reality show on 3rd October and has flown down to Mumbai for getting hotel-quarantined before entering the set. Carryminati streamed on his second channel named CarryIsLive where his facecam was turned off on 10th September and apparently this was considered as a substantial evidence by another report.

The debatable appearance of Carryminati on this reality show is not confirmed yet and the entry will directly be confirmed on the Opening show of Big Boss 14.