Credits: Call of Duty:Mobile

Call of Duty:Mobile is going to add Gunsmith in the next season’s update which will allow players to freely customize their weapon of choice and add cosmetic skins and stickers to their loadout.

Call of Duty:Mobile was recently teasing about addition of a new ‘customization’ feature that will be released in the upcoming update. The official handle on Twitter posted about this saying “Customization is the future” and apparently the feature is going to be Gunsmith and the concept seems to be a ripoff from Call of Duty’s other title named “Modern Warfare”.

The official handle also announced about this new feature coming in the next season, along with a trailer video which shows many new features that will be added under Gunsmith.

The new feature allows the players to add any sort of attachments to their guns as they would prefer and create their own ultimate weapon to take into multiplayer and battle royale as well. All sorts of attachments such as scopes, muzzles and grips and much more can be customized. The video above showcases some new attachments as well so players can be more creative in customizing their weapons.

Players can also change and upgrade their gun skins to their liking. With the addition of new stickers that can be applied on the skins, players can glorify their own ultimate weapon in battles. There are four sticker slots so probably only four sticker sites will be present on guns. The stickers can be added in Season 9 Battle Pass or presumably be available in the shop as well.

The new addition allows Call of Duty:Mobile to enter a new realm of customization and the player base to be more unique in their choices. This may also change the way the matches are played right now and some new meta shifts can be seen in the upcoming Call of Duty:Mobile World Championship.

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