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Brimstone Stim Beacon Can Speed Up Yoru’s Teleport in Valorant

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 update came as a blessing for Controllers Brimstone and Omen, both of whom received some massive buffs that made them viable in the competitive scene once again.

The Brimstone buff enables his Stim Beacon to give a 15% speed boost to his allies alongside a rapid fire boost, but there seems to be more to it than that.

Some Valorant players recently found out that Brimstone’s Stim Beacon also affects abilities. Yoru’s Gatecrash is one such ability that can be affected by the Stim Beacon and can gain a significant speed boost when used properly.

Reddit user Jim has shared this combo through a post where he demonstrates this combo. In the video, we can see the user deploying Yoru’s Gatecrash with and without Brimstone’s Stim Beacon.

After taking a look at the results, it’s evident that the Stim Beacon speeds up Yoru’s Gatecrash and reduces its traveling time by a considerable margin.

Valorant is a fast-paced competitive shooter where every second counts. The reduced travel time of Yoru’s Gatecrash can potentially save you from a lot of sticky situations or enable you to make some sneaky rotations when the enemies won’t be expecting you at all.

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