adidas launches new lifestyle sneaker with Team Vitality, inspired by 90s cereal campaigns

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Paris, 8th March 2022 – Leading global esports organization Team Vitality and Adidas are excited to unveil VIT.03, its new limited-edition sneaker which has been inspired by 90s culture and classic cereal adverts.

The unique and sentimental design aims to help Team Vitality develop its lifestyle brand image as it sees its partnership with Adidas reach new creative heights. VIT.03 will retail at €140 and is available at both or from March 11th, 6 pm.

To bring the design concept alive, Team Vitality has created 100 limited edition cereal boxes called VIT POPS which will be available to purchase for €9.99 at its state-of-art headquarters, V.Hive from today.

Each VIT POPS box will contain an exclusive 3D printed VIT.03 miniature and QR codes with special prizes. 10 lucky fans who buy VIT POPS will win a real pair of VIT.03. The cereal will be Honey flavored which incorporates both Team Vitality’s bee logo and the nostalgic memories of old-school cereal.

The VIT.03 design is all centered around high energy. From the energy of Team Vitality’s electric yellow branding and bee design to the energy you get from your morning bowl of honey cereal, it’s all about channeling that power. Even the X9000L3 base model uses adidas’ revolutionary BOOST technology which provides unrivaled energy return.

On the design front, the VIT.03 mirrors Team Vitality’s color palette with monotone hues with pops of yellow. As with the previous sneaker iterations, Team Vitality’s slogan “V for Victory” is featured on the back of both shoes and its icon, a bee, is represented inside the shoe.  

Team Vitality and Adidas have a long-standing relationship with the VIT.03 marking the third iteration of its sneaker collaboration. Both brands have focused on providing unique activations that bridge across esports, sports, and lifestyle with VIT.03 being a natural expansion of the partnership.

Previous editions have included VIT.02 which took inspiration from the manga Dragon Ball Z and VIT.01 which was the first-ever esports sneaker that went on sell-out worldwide within a week. VIT.03 and VIT POPS is yet another opportunity to showcase an exclusive product reflecting long-standing innovation, joint core values, and creative excellence.

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